Sunday, February 17, 2008

The dormant phase

It's been over a year since the first post at Fuller & Fuller. During that time, we've planted, harvested, cooked many loaves of bread and batches of seitan in the solar oven, and realized that despite all that, our hopes for the ranch are different. Probably too different. I had hoped for a triumph of complementarity, but Fuller & Fuller has failed R. Buckminster's test.

It's been almost a year and half that I've lived here, hoping, walking the mesa, strolling to work. My focus has been forced beyond the perimeter of the ranch. My "home" is becoming smaller than it's ever been, and because of that, more expansive. I expected to be embraced by this house, but as it's pushed me out I've been reminded of larger connections to the ocean and the mountains. The world is out there, greening and patient.

Winter's empty beds, imagining the fall harvest.