Friday, February 16, 2007

"Celebrating" Presidents' Day?

Not this president, that's for sure.

This holiday is intended to celebrate our great leaders. In elementary school, remember making construction-paper portraits of Abraham Lincoln with his stovepipe hat, or Washington with his cotton-ball hairdo? Back in the day when we often had two 3-day weekends in a row, before we decided to honor our dead presidents by moving their birthdays around to make for more convenient holidays (heck, it worked for Jesus Christ's birthday, right?). Back in the day when we signed first name, last initial. Jesus C., Abraham L., George W. Before the worst president ever put his cooties all over the first president's name.

How should we celebrate this Presidents' Day? How to honor what the presidency has been, and can be, while recognizing what it isn't?

Let's begin by wearing black. This Presidents' Day feels like a day of mourning and remembrance, not celebration.

Any other ideas?


George said...

If we actually want to celebrate, I think a good way to start would be with torches and pitchforks.

Noelle Aguayo said...

The torch and pitchfork crowd always seems to lose the battle. How about riot gear, and unified troops from all the nations that now look down upon our great country because of a terrible 7 year (almost) itch. To use a whackamole word: Yikes!

Barry Spacks said...

Yikes is the word. I love this blog, just caught up with it and the zazzy comments. I'm so new at the job I'm not clear how you import your live links, and I think you've linked to me or something, I see my name, how do I link to you, you seem gifted with mass quantities of blogicity.