Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Help. That's all that comes to mind, reading about the kidnap and mutilation of a pet tortoise last weekend. I can't stop thinking about how easy it must have seemed to torture a mute animal, one that doesn't scream or yelp, though he certainly struggled.

It was broad daylight. There were witnesses, and more than one assailant. The witnesses are coming forward now, calling the sheriff to report what they saw.

I'm so furious, it takes effort to keep typing. You know what Bob needed more than witnesses after the fact? He needed HELP, someone to shout out that it's wrong to stab a living creature, wrong to drop him, wrong to roll him down a hill. He needed someone to call the sheriff as is happened, not days later.

HELP, people. HELP.

African spur-thighed tortoises are social creatures, more than one might expect. Bob was social enough to coax an autistic child to communicate with the outside world--I suppose a "coming out of his shell" image really works here. I've been lucky enough to share a home with a tortoise like Bob for 14 years. The idea of someone trying to pry him out of his shell, slice off his head and legs... I hardly know what to do with these feelings. One little thing I can do is help Bob's family, the Sullivans, with their veterinary expenses. Generously, Jeanie Vaughan of Turtle Dreams is covering Bob's immediate expenses with a loan, which the Sullivans will pay back. I guess writing a check is all I can do to help. But it doesn't make me any less angry.

Bob Sullivan
c/o Turtle Dreams
2298 Feather Hill Road
Montecito, CA 93108-1542


Cookie Jill said...

Thank you.

This is just horrific.

Marty said...

Anybody think of approaching Discovery Channel to help save this beautiful creature?

Kat said...

Sending my check today...Hope it helps.

K said...

This story actually made me cry. This is one of the most horrible things I've ever heard of. All I've got left in the bank is $20, and I think Bob and his family need it more than I do.

I just hope they catch the twisted turtle assailant. Bastard.

Alisa said...

There has to be more..... that stronger force we all talk about out there willing to take the biggest step toward the elimination of such horrific humans getting to share the oxogen of all creatures big and small. The earth is a miracle in action in ways we will never understand and I only hope that something is watching and putting a plan together to do something...........PLEASE