Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who to Woohoo Wednesday: Colin Beavan

or Stephen Colbert... They both rock.

I love what No Impact Man Colin Beavan is doing, and have mixed feelings about the attention he's getting for doing it. On the plus side: he's bringing the issue of consumerism into the spotlight. On the downside, does it make it seem that a low-impact lifestyle is part of the lunatic fringe? I don't know.

I suppose what I want is for the Colin Beavans of the world to become so commonplace as to be completely unnewsworthy. I want Colin Beavans to be the norm, not the exception... but since we're not there yet, woohoo Colin Beavan! and thanks to Noelle Aguayo for requesting more Woohoo Wednesdays.

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Trekking Left said...

There's was a great episode of "30 Days" on FX (created by Morgan Spurlock) that followed a group of people who live like this. I give them much credit, because it's amazingly difficult to live a "no impact" lifestyle.